English Department - Chairperson Dr. Lisa Brown
Carol Buckner
Hannah Carter
Carla Foster
Gabe Lay
Joy McCaleb
Derik Samber
Tammy Schmi


Science Department - Chairperson Judy Delk
Darrell White
Robin Scott

Ninth grader Jacob Parrish and his box car racer.


Edward Schlatter-Valazquez and Mrs. Delk's Physical Science Class.



Mrs. Judy Delk's Physical Science classes are studying Bernoulli's Principle and Airplane Aerodynamics. Each class competed in creating a paper airplane to see which would fly the farthest. Cody Chaffin the pilot and Matthew Dieringer the designer flew their plane 85" which was the farthest of all the classes.

Pictured L-R: Caleb Stewart, Sam Burton, Cody Chaffin and Matthew Dieringer the winners, Dylan Pack, and Mrs. Delk

Chemistry Magic Show by Tennessee Tech Chemistry Department

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Math Department - Chairperson Tracy Jones
Alan Asberry
Aaron Casey
Carla Foster
Becky Maynard
Douglas Ray

Social Studies Department - Chairperson Donnie Spurlock
Stephanie Davis
Gabe Lay
Bobby McWilliams